This should almost sound like your daily alarm.

There is enough research on WWW to scare you about the ails of a sedentary life leading to health risk. And thousands of videos on social media posted by health gurus & trainers on quick fixes to subscription plans to get fit. Even more delectable are the salads, smoothies and gluten free, vegan, keto diet recipes dished out by home cooks to chefs. One can always enroll for Cross-fit, Zumba, Pilates, Spinning, Hot Yoga or Pole Dancing for the exotic. All of it can be done in style with activewear and gym accessories promoted by sports and athleisure brands. The outcome of such pursuits has not been sustainable for most people. 

The desired outcome is a transition to an active lifestyle that can be experienced while we continue to follow a balanced daily routine. In addition to body measurables like BMI, Fat percentage, calories, endurance timings or plate counts the benefits should also include stimulation & relaxation of mind.

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In recent times there have been lot of studies conducted to design living ecosystems that would assist citizens to enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. These ESG compliant smart township models provide for a close integration with the outdoor environment. Hence these layouts are designed with many green spaces, recreational zones, sports arenas and even patches for community farming. We should seek every opportunity to go for a trek or a camping trip to combine the benefits of physical activity along with appreciation of bio-diversity; which will encourage us to follow a lifestyle that would cause least damage to natural reserves of forests and water bodies. Even daily tasks like an errand to the local store can be a brisk walk as against driving down or choosing stairs over use of elevator, are effective steps. In doing so you are reducing the use of fossil fuels and consumption of energy while improving one’s health.


Kids and adults alike should engage in some form of outdoor sport or activity. Children should be encouraged to take up a sport for mental and physical development, to develop their social skills though team efforts and experience winning & losing as part of learning. Parents with active lifestyle are early role models for children to steer away from device-controlled lives. Creative hobbies that develop mind & body coordination is a great stimulant for holistic growth, and best encouraged as a family group activity. 

Many of us who would have consulted a dietician or nutritionist have been advised that food determines 70 percent of the target health goal, especially the weight watchers. Eating right means ‘what are we eating’ and ‘how are we eating’. There is immense benefit in preparing food with fresh ingredients as against using pre-cooked or processed ingredients. Fresh ingredients retain most of the health benefits and is free from chemical preservatives, which is a no-brainer indeed. Opting for convenience and saving time also seems to be no-brainer, but comes with a cost to our health. The joy of cooking at home was revived during the pandemic-induced supply restrictions, and hopefully the realization that much fewer people were complaining of an upset stomach or had food poisoning will keep it that way. Opting for local farm produce over supermarket supplies that travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers not only sustain local farmers but also puts less burden on our environment.


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