A Workshop on Circular Economy & Zero Waste Living

OurBetterPlanet is a curated platform for aware individuals who are conscious of their purchases and are mindful of the impact it creates. Our choices if made correctly have the power to add to/reduce the current environmental, social and economic issues being faced by our Planet.

An array of ethically sourced and produced offerings are being made available on the platform after careful curation and interactions with social enterprises and organizations who are working with local artisans, natural produce, socially deprived communities and helping drive attention to legitimate causes.

Moving to sustainable living with OurBetterPlanet

Sustainability is the idea of consistently adapting practises and making lifestyle choices that improve our day to day lives and also benefits the community and the entire ecological system. The idea should be to create a value add, in the process of staying away from any practise that can harm our social, economical or
environmental sustainability, through our lifestyle choices.

OurBetterPlanet is a strong believer in the idea of building a community of like minded people as we believe that together we can make a difference and create a planet that is suitable for all.

The Workshop

OurBetterPlanet believes in creating awareness and in enabling a small change every day, hence we bring to you this preliminary workshop that introduces the concept of Zero waste and the circular economy in a simple way.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Understanding the impact of the waste.
  • Decoding zero waste practices.
  • Engaging through an interactive waste segregation game.
  • Introducing composting and recycling.
  • Eco tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Founder, Ullisu

Mrudula is the founder of Ullisu.com, a resource
platform to help enable a low impact minimal &
zero-waste lifestyle for all. She started blogging
about her own transition to low waste life in
2018 and has launched several projects since then
to help people transition to a sustainable

When & Where

17th July 2021, 1700 Hrs to 1830 Hrs
Limited Seats

Zoom Call: Before the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Price: INR 149 Only